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Re: RPi - TFT Screen Support interest

PostPosted by XGundam05 » 08 Apr 2016, 02:16

I've added support (using the framebuffer copy method) into the Engine. For right now I plan on maintaining it as a separate fork.

Github repo: xgundam05/Urho3D

The additional engine parameters are as follows:
EnableTFT : Boolean, default=false. Enables TFT Display in engine initialization
TFTSourceBuffer : Integer, default=0. Source display to copy from. Raspbian Jessie sets TV (HDMI/RCA) out as 0
TFTFramebuffer : String, default="/dev/fb1". Framebuffer location of the TFT display. FBTFT DT Overlays in Rasbian Jessie default to "/dev/fb1"

TODO List:
* Add detection, reassignment and restoring of console framebuffer (currently this is handled via bash script)
* Add detection, initialization and restoring of TV Out settings (available via VideoCore libraries, currently handled via boot/config.txt settings)

Urho3D Samples:
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Re: RPi - TFT Screen Support interest

PostPosted by weitjong » 08 Apr 2016, 04:43

Thanks for sharing it.
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