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Re: Project Ice Weasel

PostPosted by TheComet » 03 Oct 2016, 20:56

The third person controller is basically done. The animation controller is WIP but it already looks fairly decent. It can be fine-tuned by introducing some secondary movement (e.g. move the ears and tail depending on acceleration, or bend the back when leaning into a corner) or by adding some IK for some finer control.


If you are interested in seeing more about the kangaroo, you can find a video with all of the animation loops on our forums:
I also talk a bit about how the character was rigged.

Next up I'll be working on swimming. Our game is a little bit more complicated due to the whole local gravity feature, so the method I will use for water is to define water mesh volumes. Swimming mode will be activated when you enter the volume and deactivated when you exit the volume.

I have created a simple "pond" model with which I will be testing this feature:

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Re: Project Ice Weasel

PostPosted by sabotage3d » 09 Oct 2016, 16:39

Nice reminds me of Overgrowth.
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