Forum syntax highlighting?

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Forum syntax highlighting?

PostPosted by TheComet » 06 Oct 2016, 09:34

Can we get some syntax highlighting going for code snippets? The green text is kind of hard to read sometimes.

This one is pretty good:
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Re: Forum syntax highlighting?

PostPosted by rasteron » 11 Oct 2016, 07:16

Since this is shared hosting I don't think you could make such a request.

gist works great and you can also keep it in your gist stash (aka github account). See my shader codes in code exchange for reference.

I could post a short guide if you need some help on that.
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Re: Forum syntax highlighting?

PostPosted by carnalis » 11 Oct 2016, 13:58

I think there is some chance that there is a tampermonkey/greasemonkey javascript to syntax-highlight page elements.
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