Error no OpenGL support in video driver

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Re: Error no OpenGL support in video driver

PostPosted by OMID-313 » 09 Oct 2016, 13:38

I did it.

First I deleted the whole Urho3D folder.
Then Installed it from the beginning.
This time it didn't give any errors.
And also, the Ninja game works when I run it. (although with problems! just blue screen!!)

Thanks everyone for your support and help.
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Re: Error no OpenGL support in video driver

PostPosted by weitjong » 10 Oct 2016, 14:53

OMID-313 wrote:
weitjong wrote:One more question @weitjong:

If I clear the cmake cache, and do the build process from the beginning, will it solve the graphics card problem of VMware !!?
How can I make sure I fullfill the deps before rebuilding the whole process !?

Ideally the CMake build script should intervene and instruct the CMake to stop the build tree generation process when a mandatory software component is missing, instead of generating a build tree that could not be built successfully later on. As you can see there are still room for improvement in our build system.

It is one thing to build Urho3D library using a guest OS in a VM and it is quite another thing to actually running it in one. While the former is usually problem free (once all the prerequisite development software packages have been installed), the latter is almost always not the case (even when you have setup everything correctly, one would expect some kind of artifacts or worse performance, if the app could run at all). YMMV, but I found the VirtualBox with Guest Additions does provide an acceptable compromise to allow me to quickly test run the app in a VM.

EDIT: I should have also pointed out earlier that you should never use "root" account for compiling software. Should I have spotted this earlier, you won't get any of support from me. ;)
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