Iogram first release!

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Re: Iogram first release!

PostPosted by yushli » 11 Nov 2016, 04:05

godan wrote:
Thanks. What are you using for the UI?

Everything is pure Urho (including the Geometry lib, although there is a dependency on Eigen and LibIGL). Once I got my head around the whole XML Style file thing, the UI was actually pretty straightforward. Time consuming (i.e. we had to design 100+ icons!), but straightforward. I actually tested a bunch of 3rd party UI libs, but in the end, Urho was the best way forward.

That sounds really exciting. I always look forward to using Urho3D's builtin UI system instead of adding dependencies. Any chance that you can share some code, and better yet, write some tutorial on how to do that?
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Re: Iogram first release!

PostPosted by rasteron » 11 Nov 2016, 07:26

Hey, congrats on your release! Very interesting tool. :)
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